Welcome to Cloud9UK, where we address the essential needs of students, staff, and families to foster positive wellbeing.

Understand emotions and develop character strengths, uncover behavioural issues, and boost students’ social-emotional wellbeing with:

  • Engaging reading, writing, listening, and speaking activities that seamlessly integrate into your curriculum.
  • Accessible online platforms designed for easy navigation and interaction for staff, students, and parents.
  • Thoughtfully crafted, cross-curricular lesson plans to promote holistic learning and development.
  • Tailored support and training to meet the unique needs of your school.

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Reasons to choose Cloud9UK

  • Improved Literacy

    Provide additional literacy practice in reading, writing, speaking, and listening in cross-curriculum activities to help students improve vocabulary, general comprehension, and research skills.

  • Family & Community Engagement

    Parents with communities become part of SEL implementation with access to tools they can use to reinforce skills at home and in community settings.

  • eLearning Platform

    The Cloud9UK ePlatform includes a student-staff friendly interface and houses several versions of digital books, curriculum, assessments, videos, games, interactive teacher tools, intervention tools, and more. Staff, student, and parent logins are available.

  • Student Engagement

    Engaging activities and interactive support pieces (flashcards, sequencing cards, digital games, printable activities, puzzles, etc.) reinforce social-emotional skill applications at school and at home.

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