Cloud 9 World UK GDPR

The following information and links detail where your data is stored, how data is collected, how data is processed and on what lawful basis.

Documents applicable between Cloud 9 World Uk and Schools

Software as a Service Subscription Agreement

The Software as a Service Subscription Agreement is the contract that is signed by schools when they purchase or trial the Cloud 9 software.  This document details our GDPR compliance and the services provided to you.

ICO Registration

Cloud 9 World UK is also registered with the ICO. You can view our certificate by clicking the below link.

Registration Certificate

Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy can be found here

Data Processing Agreement

Cloud 9 World UK have a Data Processing Agreement with Reading Solutions UK for use of services listed below:

  • Management of phone systems and configuration
  • Management of IT systems
  • Provision of IT support and maintenance
  • Provision of utilities (Internet, Gas, Water and Electric)
  • Provision of premises including work facilities
  • Provision of managed health and safety, first aid and fire prevention procedures
  • Provision of HR management (Databases, policies, systems, processes and professional advice services)
  • Provision of legal services (assigned DPO, GDPR queries, documentation and databases and systems)
  • Provision of marketing services
  • Provision and management of operating systems
  • Provision of financial services (order processing, bank reconciliation, debt chasing etc.

The full Data Processing agreement can be obtained using the below link

Data Processing Agreement

Support Services Policy

Support services as part of your contract can be found here

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