Social-emotional learning & self-regulation for EYFS & KS1

Easily accessible resources bring social-emotional learning together with the development of eight basic emotions. These skills lay a firm foundation for future character development throughout your pupils’ school life.

What is KIWI?

Let’s learn about your emotions with KIWI.

KIWI will become the hero of your classroom and will support your pupils to recognise, name, and understand eight core emotions using:

  • The power of storytelling and emotional literacy
  • Cross-curricular, easy to access, flexible lesson plans
  • Animated video books, cartoons, and interactive games

What is Character Strength Development?

Character Strength development is the foundation of social-emotional learning. Developing positive qualities in your students to improve attendance, behaviours, and life chances through:

  • Our easily accessible online platform
  • Readily available, high quality, structured resources
  • Stories from around the globe incorporating 50-character strengths


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