Building social-emotional skills through character strength development

Our secondary solution empowers students to increase their own self-awareness and self-management skills.

Through character strength development, students also build an awareness of others, increase relationships skills, and make responsible decisions.

Character Starts From the Core

Secondary Solutions builds on your students’ Character Strengths and practices their responsible decision-making through:

  • The ability to manage self
  • Maintaining accurate perceptions of the needs of others
  • Building strong relationships
  • Understanding the world around them

How does it make a difference?

When your students have built a character core and developed 21st Century skills for success, they are on their way to becoming great citizens, ready to give back to the community. Continuous, purposeful, and systematic social-emotional learning provides positive outcomes, including skills essential to building great citizens who, in turn, create strong and supportive communities. According to research, students who contribute positively to their families and communities often have an increased sense of belonging and greater efficacy.

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